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We offer a wide range of AHUs, Heat Recovery units and Double Heat Recovery units from Komfovent that are ErP compliant and EUROVENT certified.

Air Handling Units (AHUs) play a pivotal role in HVAC systems, making significant contributions to the improvement of indoor air quality and overall environmental comfort.

We distribute AHUs and RHUs throughout Ireland, assisting at every stage, from specification to supply and installation. Our product range includes standard VERSO units with compact footprints, flat units designed for ceiling voids, hygienic KLASIC units, and highly efficient VERSO PRO 2 units. We offer a diverse selection of products suitable for a wide range of projects.

Komfovent Air Handling Units are divided into two product lines to cater to different applications. DOMEKT is for residential use, providing ventilation units with heat recovery that come in various modifications, such as rotary or counterflow plate heat exchangers, vertical, horizontal, or flat units, to meet specific requirements.

On the other hand, VERSO is designed to cater to commercial spaces such as offices, educational buildings, shopping malls, business centers, cafes, and more, making it the most extensive range in the Komfovent AHU range.

Airflows start at 0.03m3/s in our Domestic range and move up to 28m3/s in our industrial range. Heat exchanger options include Rotary Wheels, high efficiency counterflow plate heat exchangers and combined rotary wheel and built in dx heat pumps for industry leading two stage heat recovery. All units are offered with full pre-wired BMS compatible controls (both BACnet IP and Modbus RS 485) as standard.

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