Axial and Centrifugal fans
for both general ventilation
and emergency situations

Our car park fans include induction and impulse ventilation models designed to operate as both general ventilation and for once-only, emergency extract mode at temperatures of up to +400°C.

Our Standard Car Park Fans:

Jetvent JFR

Jetvent JFR

Reversible Axial Impulse Fan

Jetvent JFU

Jetvent JFU

Unidirectional Axial Impulse Fan

Jetvent JVC

Jetvent JVC

Centrifugal Induction Fan

Impulse Ventilation

The impulse ventilation system is based on a number of small, strategically located high velocity fans in place of the distribution ductwork traditionally used in car parks.

20N, 50N and 100N
Sizes Available

Truly Reversible or
Unidirectional Airflow

All impulse fans are
300/2 or 400/2

AC Motors

Isolator Switch or
Terminal Box Variants

Flanged or
Unflanged Units

Induction Ventilation

Induction fans are carefully positioned to direct the airflow towards the main extract fan intake points. The fans operate on well proven tunnel ventilation principles, producing a high velocity jet which adds momentum to the air in front of the fan.

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Features and Benefits
Better Security

The elimination or reduction in ductwork means a safer, lighter environment with better security due to the increased visibility.

No Ductwork

By adding momentum to the air, JetVent thrusts air towards the desired extract points to ensure stagnant fumes and smoke are cleared effectively and efficiently. This principal eliminates the requirement for ductwork within a car park, as the JetVent effectively transfers the polluted air, allowing for better use of limited space in underground facilties.

Design Appeal

The integral bell mouth inlet has a streamlined appearance for improved performance and sound.

Low Maintenance

With no ductwork, maintenance costs are reduced as there is no ducting to become blocked, damaged or subject to leakage.

Cost Effective

JetVent provides the scope for reduced installation and overall construction build costs compared with traditional ducted systems. The high efficiency impeller make this a very economical method of moving high volumes of air.

Robust Design

JetVent axial fans are of a robust, heavy duty construction for added strength and durability. Fan casing are heavy gauge, sheet steel, roll formed and welded and hot dipped galvanised after fabrication to BS EN ISO 1461.

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