Suppliers of Brofer and HVC
Volume Control & Fire Dampers

Working alongside market-leading manufacturers HVC and Brofer, our dampers ensure optimal safety and airflow control in various commercial and industrial settings, meeting the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Square Fire Dampers

Square Fire Dampers are crucial components in building ventilation systems designed to prevent the spread of fire. Installed within ductwork, these dampers automatically close in the event of a fire, effectively sealing off sections and inhibiting the flames from advancing.

Circular Fire Dampers

Strategically placed in circular ductwork, these dampers swiftly close upon detecting a fire, creating a barrier that limits fire progression. By interrupting the airflow, Circular Fire Dampers contribute to containing the fire and protecting the integrity of the building, offering a reliable solution for fire prevention.

Volume Control Dampers

Volume Control Dampers are essential for managing and adjusting airflow within HVAC systems. These dampers enable precise control over the volume of air circulating through ducts, allowing for optimal ventilation in various commercial and industrial applications.

Single Blade Dampers

With a single blade design, these dampers provide a streamlined solution for adjusting and directing air within ductwork. The simplicity of their design enhances reliability and ease of installation, making Single Blade Dampers an ideal choice for applications where precise control of air movement is essential.


As proud representatives and suppliers of Brofer, a renowned market leader, we offer a diverse range of Brofer CE marked fire dampers.

These versatile dampers can be seamlessly installed into concrete walls, plasterboard partitions, or concrete floors, providing a singular solution for three distinct applications. Crafted from durable galvanized steel with a brass fusible link. Curtain type available upon request. Our comprehensive range ensures availability in various sizes, meeting diverse ventilation needs with reliability and quality.


We also supply from HVC, another trusted name in the industry, offering a comprehensive selection of Fire Dampers and Volume Control Dampers. Our range includes an array of choices, featuring Heavy Duty Volume Control Dampers, Single-Blade Options, Back Draught Dampers, Aluminium, Plastic and Steel Dampers. For light to heavy-duty applications, our offerings from HVC ensure a wide variety to meet your specific ventilation needs.

Explore the versatility and reliability of our HVC product line for optimal airflow control in diverse settings.

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