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Noise Control specialists.

In 2016, we acquired noise control specialists, Acoustica. This allows us to seamlessly integrate ventilation solutions and acoustics, offering you a comprehensive one-stop solution. From powerful ventilation systems to specialised noise control equipment, we simplify your projects with a unified approach, ensuring efficiency and excellence at every step.

More Than Simply Silencers

We cover both Industrial and Commercial applications. Whether you’re grappling with HVAC noise and need ducted attenuators or require tailored solutions for an environmental noise control project, we’re here to help.

All our noise control products are crafted in-house at our manufacturing facility in Colchester, UK. Our team comprises fully qualified and MIOA registered acoustic engineers, enabling us to deliver industry-leading engineering solutions for a wide array of noise control challenges.

Silencer & Acoustic Analysis

Using our Fan Selection Program, you can easily identify a suitable silencer for your specific setup. This program enables you to select both fans and acoustic components, ensuring precise sound level calculations. The built-in acoustic analysis tool allows the calculation of noise levels and offers a rough estimate of the expected noise level.


All modern buildings contain services that provide heat, water, power and ventilation. Often these services can create excessive noise, using our extensive range of ducted attenuators, we can mitigate nearly all noise issues arising from building services.

Acoustic Enclosures

When significant noise issues arise from non-ducted sources, such as the case of radiated noise from an item of plant, an acoustic enclosure or louvre is usually required, often in conjunction with ducted attenuators.

Acoustic Louvres

Significantly reduce noise from buildings or air handling units with our range of acoustic louvres. We’ve engineered a range of attenuating acoustic louvres that allow air to pass through the aperture whilst reducing noise transmission to the environment.

Circular Silencers

We can solve nearly all issues arising from a noise source through circular ducting. From smaller systems such as MHVRs to industrial axial fan systems, we can offer a solution from either our standard range or a bespoke design for more complex projects.

Rectangular Silencers

Typically used in rectangular duct systems, with AHU systems and on plant that requires a high level of attenuation. Our rectangular silencers feature variable splitter configurations allowing for a balance between system resistance and acoustic performance.

Acoustic Ancillaries

Designed and produced in house at our Colchester-based manufacturing unit, our range of ancillaries are designed to perfectly fit our range of acoustic products to aid installation.

Bespoke Solutions

For complex projects, we offer bespoke construction options and expertise, designed to meet your needs.

Diameters from
315mm to 2000mm

200°C, 300°C & 400°C
Operating Temperatures

Compliant For
Smoke Systems

Specific Project Requirements

The design and supply of acoustic enclosures can either be considered as part of the initial planning phases of a project or retroactively due to changes in the scope of works or environmental noise limits of a site.

Changes in legislation and requirements from local authorities are common drivers for remedial acoustic works and we have extensive experience dealing with councils and the environmental noise standards they use to determine compliance.

Acoustic measurement, modelling and monitoring expertise

Regulatory measurements, impact assessments, noise mapping and noise emissions in real-time. Our team of fully qualified and accredited AMIOA registered acoustic consultants have years of experience in providing expert advice in acoustics.

Identifying problems, finding solutions, specification development and supplier support.

Extensive commercial and industrial experience, BS 4142 Surveys and BS 5228-1 Surveys.

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