Residential solutions
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Indoor Air Quality

We provide a residential range of fans designed to comply with building regulations and prevent problems such as damp & mould.


We provide residential fans designed to comply with building regulations and prevent problems such as damp & mould with our Elta Trade range of products.

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Deterioration can occur as a result of condensation on window frames, sills, door frames and skirting boards.

Unseen Condensation

Unseen Condensation

Unseen condensation can occur under suspensed floors, greatly increasing the risk of decay and rot in floor timbers.

Excess Moisture

Excess Moisture

The build up of excess moisture on walls and under suspended ceilings poses a dangerous risk to the electrical systems.



Mould can cause extensive damage to wallpaper, paint and other surfaces.

Mould Spores

Mould Spores

Mould spores can grow in just four hours as a result of excess condensation in poorly ventilated rooms and are easily inhaled.

Interstitial Mould

Interstitial Mould

Interstitial mould growth in contaminated carpets, soft furnishings and insulation materials can be a health hazard due to the raise in moisture content.

Residential Applications

Care Homes and Sheltered Buildings

The air changes within care homes and sheltered buildings will depend upon which areas of the building occupants are located at a particular time, with individual rooms naturally requiring lower air changes than communal areas. Effective ventilation is best provided by reducing air leakage, extracting moisture and pollutants at source, and providing occupant controllable ventilation.

Private Housing

Elta Fans can provide a range of ventilation options for the home including specifically designed bathroom and kitchen fans, that can prevent condensation, damp and mould and therefore preserve the condition of your home.

Social Housing

The installation of a correctly specified mechanical ventilation system can ensure the quality of air within the home is constantly maintained regardless of the changing activity within. The correct ventilation system can prevent common, often damaging, issues such as condensation and mould.

High Rise and Apartments

Apartments require a large number of individual units for kitchens and bathrooms as well as larger units able to properly ventilation corridors, hallways, lifts and communal areas.

Breathe Easy with Our Solutions

Design and Development

Products that provide tangible results with stylish finishes that enhance the requirements of both contemporary and traditional interior designs.

Independent Testing

Our products are tested and certified by the leading body TÜV Rheinland in Germany for the benefits of specifiers and installers.

Sustainable and Efficient

Our plastic products components are fully recyclable high quality ABS and 85% of our packaging is sourced from sustainable resources.

High Stock Levels

We take great pride in the stock held at our distribution centres as this allows us to anticipate customer requirements for a fast service.

Dedicated Support

Our people are our greatest asset and our staff don’t just meet expectations, they surpass them. This is the true meaning of customer care.

3D Drawings Available

We are able to offer full system installation design with 3D drawings and plans suitable for us on site; covering all residential products and ancillaries.

From dMEV to PIV, we have a full residential offering available with our Elta Trade products, all available through us.
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