Welcome to a new chapter.
Welcome to Elta.

In our 25th year in Ireland, we are uniting with our sister companies in England & Northern Ireland as we unveil a rebrand from Fantech Ventilation to Elta. While still supplying the same great products from our selected partners, the Elta brand unites our offering under one umbrella and presents a vision that reflects our growth, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

1999 – 2024

25 years in Ireland & counting…

Set up by Elta Group in 1999, we have been distributing Elta Fans and other great ventilation products in Ireland for 25 years. In 2024, we are uniting with Elta Fans in England and Duct Products in Northern Ireland as we unveil a transition to Elta.

1974 – 2024. 50 years of excellence.

Since 1974, Elta Fans have been manufacturing fans of the highest quality but today have an offering of much more than fans. This is a transition that encapsulates more than a name change, it signifies a new, all-encompassing identity that better represents our capability and expansive product range.

A history of Elta's branding


Low Temperature Applications – LTA, pronounced ‘ELTA’ by many and where Elta was born.


The company name becomes Elta Fans Limited.


The square Elta Fans logo is born and used for over 30 years.


Elta Fans is rebranded to Elta in its 50th year.

A new strapline encapsulating our purpose.

We continue to represent our legacy in engineering efficient air movement solutions, whilst we commit to helping reshape the world’s understanding of air quality. Elta aspires to change the narrative and help to restore the balance by creating healthier, cleaner, and safer indoor spaces internationally.

At Elta, we’re not just moving air; we’re reshaping how the world thinks about air quality and committing to restoring the balance to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future.

The Reason Why

With an extended portfolio of much more than just fans, including air handling units, acoustic equipment, and controls, we have transcended our previous capabilities. The Elta brand unites these diverse offerings, positioning us for even greater growth and allowing us to work more closely with our other sites across the UK and Ireland.

We aim for a synchronised brand that is known as a trusted and innovative HVAC solutions provider, both locally and internationally. Our commitment extends beyond products; it’s about providing comprehensive solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients in different industries.

The Right Time

It was only right to unveil our rebrand as part of our 50th Anniversary, and Fantech Ventilation’s 25th Anniversary. These anniversaries not only mark years of innovation and growth but also symbolise the commitment we have shared with our customers and partners over the years. As we celebrate these milestones across the wider group, it felt the right time to bring some of our brands closer together and enter the next chapter in unity.

“We are well known for our industry-leading fans – a critical element of any ventilation system. However, industry professionals well know that there is so much more to ventilation specification and our business is well-equipped with a wide suite of solutions and technical expertise to lead the charge on improving air quality throughout the built environment.”

Mark Rickard
Elta Group CEO

Part of
Elta Group

Across all of our people, in all of our businesses, on all continents on which we operate, Elta Group has one purpose: To enhance life through air.

For over 20 years we have been a proudly independent,
family-owned group, but our foundations were laid
over 50 years ago. Our foundations were built on an
entrepreneurial spirit and a clear vision of meeting
market needs and improving air quality.