In an industrial context, ventilation is usually employed to remove airborne contaminants arising from processes or machinery.

Our products for industrial ventilation are built to withstand high temperatures in order to dilute and extract airborne contaminants, toxins, flammable vapours and the large amounts of heat that is generated by industrial processes.

Industrial Buildings Applications


Satisfactory ambient conditions can be achieved by dilution where contaminant sources are weak, of low toxicity, and are either scattered or mobile.

Warehousing and Stores

Warehousing and stores, as defined here, are facilities that provide a proper environment for the purpose of storing goods and materials that require protection from the elements.

Distribution Depots

Achieving an efficient ventilation system in a distribution depots is challenging due to the vast storage areas and high ceilings with constant air changes as a result of stock movement and distribution. Occupant levels are also varied and need to be taken into consideration when creating the system.

Automotive Manufacturing

Creating an environment that is healthy for both staff and machinery is vital within an automotive manufacturing environment. We can create a bespoke system that takes these elements into account alongside the space available, operational hours etc.


The design requirements for any ventilation system for workshops will vary according to the size and nature of the business, from large car dealer showrooms with dedicated servicing centres, to the smaller independent garages and workshops.

Loading and Docking Bays

Ventilation is needed for loading bays to control the build up of vehicle exhaust fumes and spilled fuel when the facility is in use. Acceptable air quality is maintained by removing exhaust gases and by ensuring there are no pockets of stagnant air.


Providing the ventilation requirements for heavy industrial environments requires an understanding and knowledge of the specific application.


The general experience of health and safety inspectors is that conditions in electroplating shops are often poor – some common problems encountered in electroplating shops include inadequate general ventilation.

Welding Shops

Local ventilation extract is required when employees are exposed to high toxicity chemicals, when large amounts of dusts or welding fumes are generated, or when increased heating costs from ventilation in cold weather is an issue.

Spray Booths

A spray booth is a power-ventilated structure provided to enclose or accommodate a spraying operation in order to confine and limit the escape of spray, vapour, and residue, and to safely conduct or direct them to an exhaust system.

Boiler Rooms

Depending on whether you are heating for private housing or a public building, boilers will differ enormously in their physical size and capacity, but are all required to heat water, steam or air in a central location.

Cold Stores

Air distribution is of the utmost importance to cold storage and blast freezing applications. For uniform temperature and air motion, air should be distributed as evenly as possible.

Refrigerated Warehousing

Refrigerated warehouses are used for storage under controlled conditions within the temperature range of -25°C to 0°C.Our fans are designed for continuous operation at low temperatures enabling them to provide uniform temperature and aid rapid cooling across the warehousing

Textile Manufacturing

Textile manufacturing factories often require bespoke systems to provide the right level of input and extract air whilst ensuring comfortable temperatures at occupant level.

Other Industrial and OEM Applications



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